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Medical Board Administrative Hearings

Experienced licensed medical professionals know any disgruntled patient can file a grievance for perceived misconduct or negligence. The Texas Medical Board is required to review circumstances of every grievance to determine whether disciplinary action is necessary against the licensed medical professional. Quillin Law Firm, P.C. can help to protect healthcare providers from any disciplinary actions.

Our range of legal services for licensed healthcare professionals also includes:

  • Defense representation for administrative hearings
  • Medical professional license defense and reinstatement
  • Records documentation and HIPAA violations
  • Billing practices, Medicare/Medicaid fraud defense

We have a successful record for providing aggressive defense for administrative hearings involving:

  • Violations of professional ethics
  • License violations
  • Disputes regarding medical records
  • HIPAA regulatory compliance
  • Healthcare insurance coverage
  • Medicare and Medicaid billing


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