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Beginning his legal career in 2010, Josh Kuhlmann has developed a diverse and dynamic legal skill set, now focusing on medical malpractice defense at Quillin Law Firm in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Kuhlmann’s legal journey started as an Assistant State Attorney, where he honed his litigation skills through handling hundreds of cases in court. This extensive courtroom experience laid the groundwork for his current practice, where he applies his understanding of complex legal scenarios to the challenging world of medical malpractice.

Mr. Kuhlmann’s strengths lie in his trial experience and his ability to connect with people — be it clients, colleagues, or courtroom juries. This combination has not only led to numerous successful outcomes but also has helped him build lasting relationships in the professional community.

At Quillin Law Firm, Mr. Kuhlmann’s approach to legal defense is informed by a deep commitment to client advocacy and a keen insight into the nuances of each case. He strives to provide clear, strategic counsel to healthcare professionals, navigating the intricacies of their legal challenges with professionalism and precision. His experience in the courtroom and ability to connect with clients and peers alike are assets that he brings to every case. Mr. Kuhlmann believes in not just representing his clients, but in being a dedicated ally and guiding them through the complexities of their legal journey.